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Empty room productions to partner with Fulwell73 to Co-produce indie film 'dragged to church'.

Sophie Gudgeon

3 Sept 2020

Eve's production company Empty Room Productions is to partner with Fullwell73 to co-produce 'Dragged To Church' an Indie filmed based on the true story of a Welsh community hosting a drag show to raise funds for their church.

Eve will also be starring in and co-writing the screenplay with '5 Guys Chillin' writer Peter Darney. Peter has won multiple awards such as best LGBT Production award at the Edinburgh Festival and was a double award winner at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival. Leo Pearlman and Heather Greenwood will executive produce for Fulwell73, alongside Adrian Bate and Pip Broughton for Empty Room.The film is inspired by the true story of two different communities in Wales uniting to repair and save their local church. The reverend contacts local LGBTQ+ radio presenters for help, resulting in a Christmas drag show.

Eve Myles: “This is a story of two communities that have a history of misconceptions about each other, a history of rebuking each other... The underlying message is: if someone needs your help, please try and do what you can, even if it’s unconventional and takes you a million miles out of your comfort zone...This film is funny, it’s sensitive, it’s life affirming and it has an authentic, raw, unapologetic Welsh voice that is not afraid to look and say something different. It’s a classic British film which has all the elements that can move, connect and uplift people. So now our job is to get this film made so we can put it in cinemas all around the world

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