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Eve to star in ITV thriller 'Cold Water'

Sophie Gudgeon

27 Jun 2024

Eve is set to star in new 6-part thriller 'Cold Water' written by David Ireland. Starring alongside Andrew Lincoln, Ewen Bremner and Indira Varma.

Set in the fictional Scottish village of Coldwater, Andrew Lincoln, plays John, a repressed man who is shocked to find himself in middle age, secretly raging at his life as a stay-at-home dad.

When his failure to intervene in a violent confrontation in a playground brings his identity crisis to a head, John ups and moves his family to the rural idyll of Coldwater, as far away from London as possible.

Upon arrival, John is quickly befriended by next-door neighbour Tommy (Bremner), a charming, confident man, devoted husband to the local vicar Rebecca (Myles). He is a man of faith, a pillar of the community and self-appointed leader of the village’s all-male book group.  

John is both impressed and slightly fascinated by Tommy. His wife Fiona (Varma) despises him. As a successful former chef hoping to launch a new venture in Coldwater, Fiona sees the move as an opportunity to leave the past behind them. To not only re-build their lives as a family but re-ignite the long-lost spark in their fading marriage. When her husband’s relationship with their enigmatic new neighbour becomes increasingly intense, Fiona’s suspicions are aroused. She is unconvinced Tommy is all he seems to be.

But John remains blissfully unaware that Tommy is harbouring horrifying secrets, and it’s only after a series of unsettling incidents start to occur that John begins to wonder who the real Tommy actually is.

And when John’s long-repressed rage comes to a head with disastrous results, he soon finds himself unexpectedly indebted to his new friend. This is the story of a normal man, in a normal marriage, who finds himself in a far from normal situation. A man who discovers a newfound sense of his own power, right at the moment he falls under the influence of someone incredibly dangerous.

The series will be executive produced by Chris Fry (Landscapers, Kaos), Alice Tyler (The Following Events are Based on a Pack of Lies), Lydia Hampson (Fleabag, The Following Events are Based on a Pack of Lies) and Jane Featherstone (Chernobyl, Eric), for SISTER, David Ireland and Andrew Lincoln with Brian Coffey (Dinosaur, Our Ladies) set to produce.  

ITV Studios will handle the international distribution of the series. The series is set to be released in 2025.

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