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Hijack: How to watch Apple TV's newest thriller.

Sophie Gudgeon

21 Jun 2023

With one week to go till the new thriller Hijack (Starring Idris Elba, Archie Panjabi and Eve Myles) streams exclusively on Apple TV+, we wanted to give you all the details of how you can watch the show if you don't currently have an Apple TV subscription. Apple TV is a monthly subscription service and is £6.99. per month or $6.99 if you are a US customer. Apple currently has a one-week free trial, before subscriptions start. You can also cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you recently bought an Apple device, you may have three months of free Apple TV included.

More Information: Apple TV+ (UK)


When Flight KA29 is hijacked during its seven-hour journey from Dubai to London, Sam Nelson—an accomplished corporate negotiator—tries using his professional skills to save everyone on board. Will this high-risk strategy be his undoing? Eve plays Alice Sinclair, an air traffic controller, who gets caught up in the drama.

Watch the trailer here:

Hijack is available in a variety of subtitled languages and audio descriptions.

Hijack streams globally on Apple TV from Wednesday 28th June.

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