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How to watch Un Bore Mercher series 3

With the final series premiere of Un Bore Mercher fast approaching, here is our guide to how you can watch Faith's final story if you live inside and outside of Wales.

What channel number is S4C?

Inside of Wales:

Freeview Channel 4

Virgin TV Channel 166

Freesat Channel 104

Sky Channel 104

Sky (without subscribing) Channel 134

Outside of Wales:

Freeview Channel not available

Virgin TV Channel 166

Freesat Channel 120

Sky Channel 134

How do I add Subtitles?


  • Press ? (question mark) on your Sky Q remote and press select to toggle subtitles On or Off

  • Press help on your Sky+ remote and press the left or right arrow to toggle subtitles On or Off, then press select to save the setting

  • Press the subtitles button on a Sky Q accessibility or Sky Easy Grip remote and turn subtitles on or off by pressing select

Got a Sky Q remote with Voice Control? Press and hold the voice button and say “Turn subtitles on” into the microphone.

Once you’ve turned on subtitles, they’ll continue to appear on any shows or channels that have them available, until you turn them off. If you recorded a subtitled show on Sky+, they’ll be included and can’t be turned off in that recording. Sky Q customers can toggle subtitles on and off within recordings.

Virgin TV:

  • Press Home on your Virgin TV V6 andTiVo® remote.

  • Go down to Help & Settings, press the Right arrow, and go to Settings.

  • Now go down to Displays, then press the Right arrow button or OK.

  • Go down to Subtitling and press OK on your remote.

  • Go down to Help & Settings, press the Right arrow, and go to Settings.


To turn on/off subtitles, press the SUB button on your remote control or turn them on and off in settings - accessibility.

Where can I watch if I don't have cable television?

You can watch Un Bore Mercher Live through S4C Clic, and you can also watch it later through S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer.

What if I live outside the UK?

Unfortunately, at this time, you may have to wait to watch the latest installment of Un Bore Mercher. S4C is currently extending its Clic service to International customers. Un Bore Mercher Series 1 is available to watch through this service with more being added in the future.

Un Bore Mercher airs Sunday 1st November on S4C

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