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Un Bore Mercher Series 2 - Premiere

Last night, the team were in attendance at the Un Bore Mercher - Series 2 premiere at Cardiff Cineworld.

The awaited second series of the S4C/BBC Wales hit drama did not disappoint, as we re-join Faith (Eve Myles), eighteen months after the dramatic cliffhanger of series one. We see Faith trying to rebuild her life after her husband's return in series one's shocking finale. The first episode of series two is filled with twists and turns, along with some emotive flashback scenes between Eve Myles (Faith Howells) and Bradley Freegard (Evan Howells).

During the post episode 1 Q&A, Myles expressed her feelings on working within a close-knit team and the impact the show has had.

"To work with such an incredible team... and to have this experience has marked a time in my life and in my career that I will never be able to go back from" - Eve Myles

Writer Matthew Hall, discussed that 'intimacy' determined all of the writing for the series:

"I've always wanted to get a TV series made that can capture this intimacy"- Matthew Hall

Un Bore Mercher airs Sunday 12th May, 9 pm on S4C. English Subtitles are available and Un Bore Mercher, will be available on catch-up on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

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